• Easy to align
    With a massive 9m2 (3m x 3m) alignment area, the CENTURION i5 infrared beams practically aligns themselves! No more battling onsite with beams that simply won't align - the wide beeam cast by the i5 transmitter makes this formerly painful process an absolute dream!
  • Highly cost-effective
    One can't put a price on safety - but you'll be happy to know that CENTURION i5 beams deliver a highly cost-effective detection solution. With these CENTURIONs installed, your gate won't break your car and it won't break the bank either!
  • Easy commissioning thanks to LED indicators
    Both the transmitter and receiver are fitted with a green LED indicator to help you quickly and effortlessly commission the system and also helps you with any diagnostic exercises.
  • Suits even the widest of entrances
    i5 beams work over a distance of up to 40m, making it suitable for even very wide entrances. No matter how big the entrance, nothing is getting past i5!
  • Compatible with Intruder-detection Alarms
    Safety and security has always gone hand in hand, and i5 infrared gate safety beams further enhances this happy union via full compatibility with the Intruder-detection Alarms (a world first) found on certain CENTURION operators.
  • Wide power input range
     offers you the freedom to use the power supply most suited for your application. It's automated gate safety without limitations!

Centurion i.5 Infrared Safety Beam (Wired)

SKU: Beam 02

    010 110 1392

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